Sedona, AZ // March 20-22

A 3-day immersion experience for women ready to unlock their Divine purpose & embody their next level.

Who is this Immersion for?  

This transformative experience is for spiritually-driven, ambitious women who are committed to diving DEEP into themselves so you can accelerate the path to your next level of income & impact. 

You've achieved a level of 'success' in your life and you were drawn to your current role because you REALLY wanted to help people. 

Yet, now you feel like your days are spent hitting quotas or doing tasks that don't light you up or use your gifts/talents...and you're exhausted and burnt out. 

You're ready for something different and more aligned with your heart and soul. 

You've had dreams of having the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning your own business...and deep down, you know 2020 is YOUR year to shine.  

You know in your GUT that you are meant to make a big impact, you just don't know where to start.  

If this is you, you're in the right place...

Imagine activating your Divine Purpose in a container with other ambitious, heart-centered women who support you 100% and want to see you shine.

Of accessing a new reality where you are completely in soul alignment with your values and truth that it feels like you’ve entered a slipstream towards your destiny.  

If you're a woman who is ready to EMBODY more of your Divinity, up-level your current reality, and explode your business in 2020, you belong at the Ascension Immersion. 

What Women Are Saying About Dr. Christina.... 

Merilee Smith-Business Owner 

Working with Christina has been life changing. She's giving me the courage, compassion, and tools I need to re-discover and connect with my true self and purpose. 

From a genuine place of caring, challenging, and love, Christina helped me disrupt and release these old patterns once and for all. I'm feeling more and more like myself, aligned with my soul! I feel empowered, confident, energized, and liking/loving myself for the first time in a REALLY long time!

Dr. Christina Loccaisano - Pharmacist

I have worked with Christina in the past and let me tell you, it was one of the BEST investments I have ever made!  

She has helped me to grow a sense of confidence I didn’t know existed. She helped me realize that I am worth love not only from others, but myself.  

If you are wondering if you should take the leap, GO FOR IT! 

Leianne Krotec - Sales Executive

Whenever I'm around Christina, I immediately feel calm, confident and completely trust her. 

I barely know her, but I feel like I've known her for the past 20 years. 

She literally engages and tunes into each person. It's truly incredible! Anyone could come into the retreat and leave a different person. 

Cori Wamsley - Business Owner + Writing Coach

I attended one of Dr. Christina's live group events, and I was blown away by the change I've seen in just the few days since the event.  

I've struggled with blocks around visibility because I've lacked a full understanding of how I make change in the world, but Dr. Christina knew exactly what to say and do to get the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Now, I'm on fire and I'm unstoppable!

If you want to transform, and discover and unleash your magic, then you need to go to one of Dr. Christina's events! I loved it so much that I signed up for her program on the spot.

About the Experience

This is a high-level container where you'll get to dive DEEP into yourself so you can up-level your life and create quantum shifts in your physical reality.  

Throughout the immersion, you'll experience profound personal shifts through hypnotherapy sessions, energy clearing and releasing work so you can let go of old patterns, recharge your energy system and upgrade every area of your life.  

These are the BEST practices and tools for transformation & aligned business strategy that Dr. Christina has learned over the past 7 years of coaching hundreds of women. 

You'll leave the experience with confidence, clarity, and the aligned strategy with concrete action steps to unleash your soul-centered business. 

What Women Are Saying About Dr. Christina.... 

Pamela Power-Scanlon - Author/Business Owner

She is so knowledgable! Having tools that we can pull out of our toolbox when we are struggling is so powerful. I know I'll be using these strategies daily.  

I'd recommend her events to any woman who is looking for more confidence and fulfillment. 

Emily Tilden - Tax Manager

I've been through one of Dr. Christina's programs and have attended one of her workshops.  

She is one of the most insightful and genuine people I have the pleasure to learn from. She always gives me something to think about and has given me tools to help deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend working with Christina.

Lynne Lorenz - Designer

Dr. Christina is magnetic, and from the moment I met her, I knew that I needed her in my life.  

I am in her Quantum Queen Transformation Program and have already seen SUCH a big shift in myself in just a few short weeks.  

She’ll nudge you outside of your comfort zone, that’s for sure, and it’s all out of love and good intention! After all, you can’t grow without stepping outside your comfort zone!

Anne Bacher- Healer and Aromatherapy Consultant 

Dr. Christina is both knowledgeable and genuinely interested in serving the individual needs of each person with whom she interacts. 

I have had the privilege of attending 2 large seminars that she led, and being the beneficiary of a business/mindset coaching call. She inspires and encourages in every encounter. Highly recommended!

Some of the Magic You'll Experience...

While we want to keep some mystique around this experience, ;) this is what you can expect. 

Over the 3 day experience, you'll totally reset your nervous system, untether from your world of distraction, and dedicate 3 powerful days to intentionally designing your next level of creation in 2020. 

Release. Activate. Integrate. 

You'll experience...

  • High-level trainings on aligned business strategy, Divine purpose, accelerated manifestation, accessing your magic, and MORE.  
  • Energy work/Breathwork/Quantum Healing to clear & release blockages & upgrade your energetic system.
  • Dismantling of old patterns of self-doubt, fear, and struggle as you effortlessly step into a NEW reality of more ease, flow, and abundance.
  • Complete untethering from your limited self to unleash your infinite potential & embody your soul mission and next level of leadership.

As a BONUS, you'll leave with...

  • A Strategic Ascension Guide packed with concrete action steps and accelerated growth strategies you can implement into your business immediately.

About Your Host

Dr. Christina Tarantola is a former pharmacist, award winning coach, author, and Creator of the Quantum Queen Transformation Program. 

After leaving her pharmacy career, she created a six-figure business helping spiritually-driven, ambitious women transform so they can embody their inner Quantum Queen and accelerate the path to their big vision.  

Dr. Christina blends hypnotherapy, EFT, femininity, energy work, and aligned strategy to help you release blocks that are holding you back so you can own your power and confidence and live a life that matches your heart and soul.  

The Ascension Immersion is a powerful energetic container to experience Dr. Christina's work and leave with everything you need to make quantum shifts to upgrade every area of your life in 2020. 

Escape the bustle of daily life and retreat to this beautiful venue tucked away in nature. Recharge and rejuvenate your spirit for an immersion experience to launch into your next level in 2020!


What "level" of business do I need to be on in order to attend?  

Most women who attend are entrepreneurs or coaches but it is not a requirement for you to run a business. This experience is for women who are FULLY committed to their ascension, personal growth, and leadership.  

Attending this experience is usually not a "logical" decision from your mind. It's a decision made from your SOUL.  

You likely will not know WHY you're being drawn here, but your soul KNOWS why - TRUST THAT.  

Are accommodations included?  

Accommodations are not included, but we will offer discounted hotel rates and will also add you to our private Facebook group so you can connect with other attendees and find a roommate :)  

Are meals included?  

Yes! You’ll receive two high-vibe, organic meals in the early afternoon and evening on all three days of the event. Water, tea, and snacks will also be available for you throughout the event.  

Are You Ready to Step Into This Magic? 

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